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Spink & Cask 88: Going the Whole Hogshead
Oct 25 2021

Spink and Cask 88 are proud to announce their partnership to bring online whisky cask auctions to a new, wider audience. The first of these collaborations is due to take flight just before Christmas 2021, titled ‘Going the Whole Hogshead’.

Welcome to the World of Spink, Decorated by Ann Carrington
Sep 01 2021

Spink is delighted to present an exhibition by internationally renowned artist Ann Carrington at Spink London’s premises. 'Ka-ching!' exhibition presents a wide range of artworks using objects familiar to us all. Knives, forks, barbed wire, pins, paintbrushes and various other materials come to life to tell evocative stories. We look forward to welcoming you to the world of Spink, decorated by Ann.