Special Commissions

Spink has over 100 years of unrivalled experience of advising Sovereigns and Heads of State on the design and manufacture of Orders, Decorations and Medals. We also create bespoke pieces such as commemorative awards and presentation gifts for special occasions. We are delighted to also offer a medal mounting service.

Medal Services

Spink provide a service of mounting regulation medals and miniatures, also supplying sashes and neck ribands for both ladies and gentleman. We also undertake the casing of a client's awards, from a single medal to a variety of collections.

In 1880 Spink entered the Medal manufacturing business with the purchase of the Soho Mint and in 1897 produced the commemorative medals for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, being awarded its first Royal Warrant in 1900. Today we hold Warrants as Medallists to HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Insignia : Orders, Decorations and Medals

Orders - An order is an honour bestowed on an individual by a head of state in the form of insignia together with an entitlement for the honour to be included the holder's style of address.

Decorations - A decoration is a medal awarded for gallantry or distinguished service, generally in the armed forces or police. Usually the recipient is entitled to use the initials of the decoration after his name in his or her style of address.

Medals - An individual is entitled to be granted a medal, for a military campaign or for service as a civilian, if he or she fulfils the specific requirements for which that medal was issued.

Spink publishes a "Guide to the wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals" to advise clients on the details of attire and provide guidelines to generally accepted international usage.

Special Commissions and Gifts

Special Commissions are the wide range of items desinged and made-to-order for clients. Such pieces are generally in precious metals and noble materials, supplied as commemorative awards and presentation gifts for special occasions.

Our Special Commissions service developed out of our long-establised insignia work for Heads-of-State, Governments and Defence Ministries with the design and manufacture for them of commemorative awards and presentation gifts.

How to order

Spink discusses with the client the occasion for which the piece is required. With this in-put, a drawing is then developed to incorporated the client's individual style and detail. A quotation is then prepared to create a piece distintive for being the cleint's own and one of a kind.


For further information or to discuss your requirements, please contact Ian Copson or Marcus Budgen, of Special Commissions. Note that Spink also offers a valuation service for your collections.