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Spink to Sell the Only V.C. Awarded to a Professional Footballer, Second Lieutenant D.S. Bell
Jan 24 2011

Spink is pleased to announce the sale of the outstanding Great War July 1916 Somme V.C. casualty group of four awarded to Second Lieutenant D.S. Bell, Yorkshire Regiment. This is one of four V.C.s being sold at Spink this Thursday. This is the first time in over a decade that this many Victoria Crosses have come up for sale in one auction. In 1913 Donald Bell, having had spells as an amateur with both Crystal Palace and Newcastle United, signed professional forms with Bradford Park Aven...

Spink to Sell D.S.O., D.F.C. and Bar Group to Battle of Britain Hero Wing Commander R.F.T. 'Bob' Doe, Royal Air Force
Nov 18 2010

Spink is pleased to announce the sale of the important D.S.O., '1940' D.F.C. and Bar Group of Nine awarded to Wing Commander R.F.T. 'Bob' Doe, of the Royal Air Force. Wing Commander Doe was the third most successful Fighter Pilot of the Battle of Britain, who, with 14 victories, was also one of the few to achieve recognition flying both Spitfires and Hurricanes. His medals will be sold by Spink in London at auction on 25th November 2010. The lot is estimated to fetch £130,000-160,000....

Rare Gold 'Diss' Torc Fetches £50,700 at Auction
Sep 30 2010

When the torc was originally found it was not recognized as such a rare and valuable item. However, when brought into Spink earlier this year it was immediately identified as a gold torc. It is very similar to others found in East Anglia in the famous Snettisham finds now housed in the British Museum. After completion of the treasure review process it was returned to the owner with confirmation that it was indeed an Iron Age gold torc. Spink was then asked to offer this prestigious item...

The Pierron Collection of British Commonwealth Missing Colours
Dec 08 2009

This will be a landmark auction, there having never been a catalogue solely devoted to this subject. Missing colours are undoubtedly the most spectacular and visual of all errors. The Pierron collection contains items from over 55 different countries and territories, from 1959 to 2008. They range from the most startling and obvious omission to the most challenging to spot. Many are in plate blocks of various sizes and strips. Among the more extensive countries are Australia ...



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