Spink Environmental Policy

Through reading and understanding the guidelines set out in 'Your Business and the Environment', Spink is well placed to actively promote environmental issues within our business.

As market leaders in the collectables field, we acknowledge our duty to promote environmental awareness and to implement new ideas not within our company but to our clients and competitors.

Our policy is pursued through:

Employee Awareness

  • The continual management and improvement of Spink's environmental impact, with greater emphasis on staff awareness by promoting and explaining new issues, i.e. recycling within the business, to all our employees.

Minimizing Waste and Environmental Care

  • Spink produces State gifts, Orders decorations and Medals, (please see the accompanying declarations). The high quality of these goods ensures a lifetime guarantee.
  • Spink does not issue company cars.
  • The use of electronic mail for both internal and external correspondence has greatly reduced the amount of paper we use.
  • All images produced for our catalogues and publications are produced digitally, we no longer use film.
  • We are actively reducing the number of auction catalogues we print, ensuring we have the bare minimum for our needs.
  • Our air conditioning is programmed to switch off over weekends and the whole system is turned off during cooler weather.
  • A good source of natural light in our premises ensures a reduced usage of electric light.
  • Our water is metered. Through staff awareness this means that the usage is kept low by turning off taps. We have low pressure water filter machines which are healthier for staff to drink; this water is released at a slower rate than regular taps.


  • All departments are issued with recycling bins for paper and card. We recycle paper and paper products, bottles, aluminium cans, plastic cups, bottles and batteries. Used toner and ink cartridges are collected by Paper Round, who make a charitable contribution relating to the value of these items.


  • The wooden elements of our medal display cases are made using Sapele Mahogany and Latvian Birch ply, both of which come from sustainable sources.
  • Upon renewal of contract, Spink endeavours to research the environment policies of its suppliers.
  • Our auction catalogues are printed with a notice to our clients, informing them of the fact that Spink catalogues are printed using paper from sustainable forests and only non-hazardous inks are used. We also encourage our clients to recycle the publication when it is no longer required by them.