Spink Live Help

We are pleased to provide our new bespoke bidding service, Spink Live, that is launched directly from our website. This enables you to either just watch our sales live without having to register or bid in real time while being able to see and hear the auctioneer.

To get started:

1. Please create 'My Spink' account by registering on www.spink.com. You will receive an email confirming your log in details. If you have already registered on our website, you can use the same log in details.

2. Before the sale click on "Spink Live" button, select the sale you are interested in, log in with your client ID and password and use the "Click to bid on Spink Live" button.

3. Remember to disable pop-up blockers in your browser.

4. Reconfirm your password and bid live.

If you need assistance on the day of the auction please call the relevant location on the following numbers:

Sales in London +44 20 7563 4113

Sales in New York +1 646 941 8664

Sales in Switzerland +41 91 911 62 00

Sales in Hong Kong +852 3952 3000

If you need any technical help before the sale day please send an email to us at support@spink.com. We strive to answer every question within one working day.