The Banknote Department at Spink prides itself on being the market leader for British and World Banknotes at auction

In this new and rapidly expanding market we consistently obtain record prices for a broad range of paper money. In April 2011, Spink UK sold a set of four 1908 Zanzibar Government notes for the record price of £180,000 and in April 2012 Spink sold a magnificent collection of Russian notes from the 1910's and 1920's for a total of £104,400.

In addition to single items, Spink's Banknote department frequently offer complete private collections, often with a dedicated catalogue as a lasting testament to a collection, which may have been decades in the making.

In our Hong Kong sale in January 2012 we sold the Manfred Kranz collection of German-Asiatic banknotes, the finest ever assembled. Also worthy of note are the David Kirch Collections of Bank of England notes and English Provincial Banknotes, believed to be the most comprehensive collections in existence.

Spink UK holds three banknote London auctions a year, in April, September and December, plus one auction in Hong Kong every January. Spink is happy to assess single items, through to large estates and institutional holdings. Private treaty purchases are also possible.

Spink USA is well known for its expertise in the field of paper money. It conducts most of its major US paper money auctions in Spink's New York offices and auction gallery, conveniently located one block south of Central Park, just across the street from Carnegie Hall.

Here Spink's paper money experts are available to evaluate and accept any suitable Federal, Colonial, Obsolete, Fractional, Confederate or International Currency for consignment. In 2008, Spink acquired R. M. Smythe & Co. the acknowledged industry leader in the area of Confederate Currency, Obsolete Currency and American Bonds and Shares and we are proud to continue that rich tradition.

For the last three decades, our experts have been involved in almost every major auction of Confederate Paper Money and Bonds in America. In the field of Confederate paper money, no other auction house has the world-wide exposure, long history, or cataloguing experience of Spink experts.

While remaining up to date on current market trends, we are always available to offer professional guidance in order to help you obtain specific currency items, or to facilitate the formation of exceptional collections.

To speak to a banknote specialist please go to our contact page.

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