Appraisals and Valuations

Appraisals and Valuations

Spink will be delighted to assist in appraisal and evaluation of your property. There are a number of ways in which this can be achieved.

A personal visit to your nearest Spink office

Naturally, first hand inspection is the best option. This can be done by visiting the relevant office (see our home page or contacts page for the Spink office closest to you). It is not necessary to make an appointment, but it is a good idea to telephone ahead of your visit, to ensure the appropriate specialist is available.

Confidential verbal valuations are generally free, although a charge may be incurred for larger collections.

Inviting a Spink specialist to visit your home

Should a specialist be requested to travel to inspect your property, there will be a fee, plus any associated expenses. The fee will largely depend on the value of the property and any such fee may be reimbursed in the event that we are instructed to sell the property on your behalf. Please contact the relevant department to make the necessary arrangements.

By e-mail or post

If you would prefer to e-mail or post good quality scans or digital photographs, together with a brief description, we are happy to advise where possible. Please visit our home page or contacts page for e-mail/postal address details. Images should be sent in JPG or GIF format. Please note however that we cannot return images unless specifically requested to do so.

We also undertake valuations for insurance purposes and probate. Again, please contact the relevant office for full details of these services in advance.

We are unable to provide estimates if our specialists determine that the property does not meet with Spink's minimum consignment/direct purchase/Private Treaty value, or is of a nature that cannot be conducted by Spink.