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INSIDER 29 | SPECIAL FEATURES | Some British Awards for the Peninsular War, 1808-14
Jan 24 2018

By Peter Duckers

Between 1808 and 1814 - a period of time as long as the Second World War - British armies in association with their Portuguese and Spanish allies fought an almost continuous series of campaigns in the Iberian peninsula. Some of their sieges and battles, like Talavera, Badajoz, Albuhera and Salamanca, have gone down in British military history as amongst the greatest of victories; at least one - the battle of Vittoria in June 1813 - had Europe-wide repercussions, such was its military and political significance.

INSIDER 29 | LONDON NEWS | Sir Christopher Lee Auction
Jan 09 2018

London, 1st November 2017

Many of you may remember our very successful 2013 Spink China sale, in which we offered a selection of memorabilia associated with famous actor Bruce Lee. Four years on we held the first evening auction to take place in our Spink London gallery, in honour of another famous and iconic British actor: Sir Christopher Lee.

INSIDER 29 | NEW YORK NEWS | Outstanding Philatelic Sales
Jan 09 2018

New York, 6th–7th December 2017 | Spink were pleased to host this outstanding event at our New York premises, with three sales including the “Inclinados” of Brazil, Classic Russia and the general Collectors’ Series Sale.

FINANCING THE WORLD by Keith Hollender
Jun 07 2017

My own interest in bonds and shares began while I was working in international banking in the 1970s, when the world was a 'simpler' place and debts were less than today. Banks were keen to lend money to governments, whatever their colour, and to fund individuals with smart ideas - some too smart - and many of today's financial crises are, pitifully, a reflection of what has happened before. If nothing else, I can only hope that this history will help today's financiers to be a little mo...

The Royal Victorian Order
Jan 26 2017

As we end the year at Spink, it is with great pleasure that we have opened our doors to a royal visit. HRH Princess Helen of Romania was the guest of honour at the book launch of Peter Galloway's The Royal Victorian Order. Peter Galloway, or to give him his correct designation, the Reverend Professor Peter Galloway OBE is Chaplain of the Queen's Chapel of the Savoy. The chapel was built as part of a charitable foundation under the terms of the will of King Henry VII in the early sixteenth centu...

Jan 17 2017

Spink is pleased to announce the publication ofDefacing the Past. Damnation and Desecration in Imperial Rome, in collaboration with the British Museum. The book is written by Dario Calomino, project curator in the Department of Coins and Medals at the British Museum, to accompany his current exhibition in Gallery 69a (on view until 7th May 2017 and free). The display features a selection of objects on which the names and images of ancient rulers, especially Roman emperors, were d...

Dec 12 2016

The medal awarded for the Waterloo campaign of 1815 is generally regarded as "the first British war medal" - granted to all those present in a designated area at a designated time and given to all in the same format (a circular silver medal suspended from a coloured ribbon) regardless of rank or achievement. But its issue was far more a reflection of the importance of the event rather than the sign of any desire on the part of the British authorities to start issuing campaign medals for soldier...

Dec 06 2016

Professor Dr. Philippe Taugourdeau was a French geologist who specialised in the study of microfossils. He started collecting coins at a very young age. His first collection focused on the Roman Emperors and the sale of this enabled him to buy his first microscope.  His decision to focus on Indian numismatics came while participating in a geology congress in India in 1977 with his wife who was also a geologist. For more than 25 years after that first visit he built up his collection throu...

The East Harptree Hoard
Nov 28 2016

East Harptree is a small village some 16 miles south-west of Bath and it was the site of the discovery of about 1500 largely mint-condition Roman silver coins all dating from the 4th century which is known as the 'Harptree Hoard'. It was discovered on the land of Mr William Kettlewell of Harptree Court - used as the filming location for Series 3 and 4 ofThe Great British Bake-Off. During the dry summer of 1887 the water supply to the village of East Harptree had run very low and it was decided...

Sweden and Europe's First Banknote
Nov 21 2016

The earliest European banknote most collectors will ever see was issued in Sweden in 1666, a happy coincidence given the anniversary we are now celebrating. The story of Europe's first banknote actually goes back even earlier and Sweden can make a technical claim to being the first country in the world to issue bank notes, on the grounds that the paper money issued in China from the 11th to 13th centuries was issued not by a bank but by the Emperor's treasury, as a substitute for cumbersome qua...

Nov 18 2016

At the time when John Spink was just beginning his business in London in the mid-1660s, the capital had just gone through the horror of the Great Plague, followed by the destruction wrought by the Great Fire and was in the depth of a military crisis which had already been running for over a decade. Hardly inspiring times to set up a new business! John Spink founded his goldsmith's and pawnbroker's business near Lombard Street in London around 1666 (though the actual date is not certain). The Gr...

COIN OF THE WEEK - 26/8/14
Aug 26 2014

A Gold 2-Mohur Coin of the East India Company, issued in the name of William IV The 2-Mohur gold coin was one of the first, and certainly the most magnificent, coin issued by the Calcutta mint to bear an effigy of the then British king. Weighing over 23g, and featuring an attractive design it soon became popular as a presentation piece.  So much so, that re-strikes were commissioned right up until 1970, and the original issues, such as this example, are exceedingly scarce.   Altho...

COIN OF THE WEEK - 23/7/14
Jul 23 2014

An extremely fine Solidus of Constantius II, the second son of Constantine the Great, showing a realistic and attractive portrait of the emperor, and on the reverse the seated figures of Rome and Constantinople. The coin was minted at Sirmium, Constantius' home town on the banks of the river Sava. One of the largest and most important cities of the Roman Empire, Sirmium was intended to be the new capital city of the whole Empire until Constantine changed his mind and built his new city of Con...

COIN OF THE WEEK - 16/7/14
Jul 16 2014

A very fine and rare gold Sovereign of Edward VI (1547-53). The young king is shown enthroned, holding sword and sceptre, his boyish features clearly recognisable. On the reverse the Royal Arms are supported by The Lion and The Dragon. The Red Dragon of Cadwaladr was the banner of Henry Tudor when he marched from Wales to defeat Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth.  Henry was not the first English monarch to adopt the Dragon as supporter, but as part of the Crown's persistent campaign...

Unique Insights Into 1930's Middle East Offered at Spink
Jul 11 2014

Amongst the remarkably rare items in Spink's 'Postal History, Autographs & Historical Documents', is an exceptional selection of unique and previously unseen lots from early 20th Century Egypt.  Offered is a rare and interesting letter between the Royal families of Iran and Egypt, Princess Fawzia, soon to be Queen of Iran, in correspondence with Queen Farida of Egypt, wife of King Farouk. The contents of the letter touch upon the "sad incident" that has passed between Iran and Egypt,...

COIN OF THE WEEK - 9/7/2014
Jul 09 2014

A very attractive gold 'Rider' of James III of Scotland (1460-88). This reign saw the introduction of several new denominations in Scotland, including the 'Rider' and the 'Unicorn'. The Rider was reminiscent of many European gold coinages with a depiction of the ruler, fully armed, galloping on horseback. Unfortunately James' nobles were not impressed, and after a prolonged rebellion they defeated him at the battle of Sauchieburn. The king had been given a magnificent great grey horse, the sw...