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Auction: 19009 - The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part 1
Lot: 1093

International Mail
1895 (1 Jan.) newspaper wrapper to London bearing ½ca. (small defects) tied by a good strike of the Ichang oblong datestamp with incorrect year "94". There are no additional stamps or markings and this would have been carried to London in the diplomatic bag.

The envelope is address to a famous stamp dealer and the flap is marked, "With the compliments of the Chairman of the 'Ichang Public Improvements' Committee'". A rare and desirable printed paper rate wrapper. Photo

It is thought that there are only two such wrappers from Ichang to London which have been forwarded in the diplomatic bag, so additinal Hong Kong stamps were not required

1895年1月1日宜昌寄倫敦新聞封套, 貼銀半分票(有小缺陷), 銷宜昌信館日戳, 年分錯為"94", 此外並無加貼任何郵資或記號, 這很可能經由外交包裹攜帶倫敦, 信函是寄往倫敦的著名郵商, 寄自宜昌某商會主席; 罕有的只貼半分郵資寄海外新聞封套._x000D_ _x000D_ 可能只有兩件此類由宜昌經外交包裹攜往倫敦的封套存世; 因此不需加貼香港郵票.

HK$30,000 to HK$40,000