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Auction: 19009 - The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part 1
Lot: 1092

Internal Mail
1896 (Dec.) envelope to the Swedish-Norwegian Consulate in Shanghai bearing 1896 2ca. in violet on 3m. red (a very faint surcharge) cancelled by an indistinct boxed datestamp, the reverse with Hankow Local Post c.d.s. (28.12) in black and postman's pencil delivery notation; there is a vertical crease. A very rare cover which is thought to be the only example of this scarce violet surcharge stamp used on cover. Photo

1896年12月宜昌寄上海端典-挪威領事, 貼1896年銀貳分紫色加蓋於銀三錢票(銀模糊的加蓋), 銷宜昌信館方框型日戳, 封背蓋黑色12月28日漢口工部日戳及郵差手寫記錄, 封有摺痕, 貼有紫色加蓋票的實寄封十分罕見, 相信是存世唯一的.

HK$20,000 to HK$30,000