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Auction: 19008 - The Lam Man Yin Collection of Small Dragons, Dowagers and 1897 Surcharges
Lot: 566

1885-88 Small Dragon Issues
Internal 3 candareen Rate
Combination with Customs Mail Matter: Wenchow; 1893 (12 Apr.) Gunzburgh envelope to Shanghai bearing 3ca. mauve clean cut perf.11½ cancelled by a fine strike of Wenchow seal in red with a fine strike of "wenchow customs/mail matter" oval in red at left; the reverse with Customs Wenchow c.d.s. in red, Customs Shanghai c.d.s. (15.4) in black, Shanghai Local Post c.d.s. in blue and manuscript delivery notes in red crayon. An astonishing cover. Photo

Gunzburg arranged for some different philatelically inspired covers to be sent to him. They are still very scarce and collectable

海關公文戳混貼:1893年4月12日溫州寄上海Gunzburg收信封,貼光齒十一度半三分銀票,銷較清晰紅色溫州橢圓中文戳,左邊另蓋紅色橢圓形溫州公文戳,封背有紅色溫州海關日戳,4月15日黑色上海海關日戳,藍色上海工部日戳,手寫紅色鉛筆字郵遞記事,令人眼前一亮的罕見信封._x000D_ _x000D_ Gunzburg 安排不少郵品寄給他,這些郵品今天仍屬罕有及極具收藏價值

HK$60,000 to HK$80,000