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The Waterloo Medal - Nearly a Bronze Medal
Dec 01 2010

Waterloo 1815 - nearly a Bronze Medal By John Hayward "...... I would beg leave to suggest to your Royal Highness the expediency of giving the non-commissioned officers and soldiers engaged in the Battle of Waterloo, a Medal...". This suggestion made by the Duke of Wellington to the Duke of York in his Dispatches, just ten days after his victory over the French, swiftly gave rise to a letter from the Master of the Mint, William Wellesley Pole to the President of the Royal Academy on 11th Jul...

The Naval General Service 1793-1840 Medal Rolls
Dec 01 2010

The Naval General Service 1793-1840 Medal Rolls, Past and Present By John Hayward 'Why are young men told to look in ancient history for examples of heroism when their own countrymen furnish such lessons'? William Napier's words could easily be applied to so many acts of courage and devotion to duty shown by Officers and men of the Royal Navy during the numerous maritime engagements fought against this country's enemies around the world between 1793 and 1815. Most of the great sea battles,...