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Veritas Temporis Filia
Sep 11 2010

By Richard Bishop "Here is a picture of the Kingdom of Heaven" Between 1552 and 1572, hundreds of skilled craftsmen were employed on the decoration of the St. Janskirk in Gauda. In the North Transept can be seen the magnificent King's Window, which took two years to complete. In one panel Solomon is offering a sacrifice in the Temple at Jerusalem. The sacrifice has burst into flames, a sure sign that the offering has found favour in the eyes of the Lord. In one of the ten banderols that bear...

Portraits of Greek Coinage - 'Athens'
Jul 13 2010

  ARTetradrachm. c.450 BC. 17.18g (21/23mm diameter). Die axis, 315˚. Author's collection. Ex Spink, NCirc, August 2000, 2843. Cf. Starr, 196. Obv. Head of Athena r., wearing helmet decorated with three olive leaves and a curling palmette. Hair in two even loops across brow and temple. Disc shaped earring. Beaded edge to nape of helmet. Rev. Owl standing r., body leaning to r. with facing head slightly tilted. Conjoined tuft of tail feathers. Olive sprig and crescent...