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Auction: CSS74 - Fine Stamps of China and Hong Kong
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The Xianfeng Emperor
1860, a slip of paper (48x215mm) bearing the calligraphy of the Emperor in his traditional red ink which reads "Read together with Zaiyuan". A wrapper from around a court document written during the Treaty negotiations at the conclusion of the Second Opium War.

On the slip, written in pencil is, "To be handed to Tsai Yuen and his colleagues to report upon together. Slip in Imperial autograph probably accompanying some State Paper on which Tsai Yuen, Prince of I and other members of the Great Council were to draw up a minute. T. Wade". There is also an accompanying note from Camp Pekin, Oct 23rd 1860 which reads, " Dear William, I send you the Emperor's autograph, and an authentic list of the French and English prisoners. What a sad affair it has been! A Treaty is now signed, and I only hope all that has been done may not have been done in vain, but the Chinese will only keep Treaties so long as they are afraid of us. Nothing is known of Prince Sau koh no sn. ...". A rare and important piece of Imperial calligraphy. Photo

Zaiyuan (1816–1861), formally known as Prince Yi, was a Manchu prince of the Qing dynasty. He was one of the eight regents appointed by the Xianfeng Emperor to assist his successor, the Tongzhi Emperor. In 1860, during the Second Opium War, Zaiyuan and Muyin travelled to Canton to replace Guiliang in the peace negotiations with the British and French.

After the death of the Emperor in 1861, Tsai Yuen was nominal head of the council of eight

1860年, 紙條(48x215毫米), 上面用傳統的紅墨水寫著皇帝的筆䟢, 第二次鴉片戰爭結束時及條約談判期間撰寫的清庭文書. 內容大慨是和約簽訂期間所聞, 例如: "條約現在已經簽署了, 我只希望所做的一切不要白費, 但中國人只會在他們害怕我們的情況下遵守條約". 非常珍貴及罕有的皇家文書.

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