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Auction: CSS41 - The Numismatic Collectors' Series sale
Lot: 123

The Chartered Bank, a printer's model for $10, dated 6.12.1956, a collage of printed and hand painted material, this model was done to reflect the changes in the bank title and also the phrase 'promises to pay the bearer on demand at its office here'. The bank title was shortened to 'The Chartered Bank' and its equivalent in Chinese in 1956. A printed note was cut out at upper centre and stuck over a printed sheet with the revised bank title and in turn the revised Chinese title was stuck on the note which has the longer title and thus the characters 'Yin Hang' (bank) appears twice. The serial numbers were not printed on either side and the words 'The Chartered Bank' on the reverse was handrawn. Please note the annotation 'approved by customer 19/3/1957' written on the border,
(Pick 56pm), the obverse graded PMG 64 and the reverse PMG 65EPQ. A fascinating piece showing the only 'Roman' series note with the revised bank title even though this subtype was only issued for one year. A perfect addition to the older $10 model (1 pair)

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