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Auction: CSS41 - The Numismatic Collectors' Series sale
Lot: 122

The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, $10, 1st September 1929, uniface obverse and reverse hand painted composite essay for the 'Roman' series, signed by Fergussoon, red, black and green, male Roman soldier at left, supported arms at centre, the reverse in similar colours, rice harvesting scene and pagoda at centre, this was the approved design used for the issued notes, as can be seen by the pencil annotation 'approved ..... 21 March 1930' written on the mounting frame. The differences are the date on the obverse is 1.9.1929, which was NOT the actual first date of issue and the signature on the model is different to the one used on the issued notes. There is a pencil annotation beneath the design instructing the date to be changed to '1 July 1931', the final date used.

Why the Bank waited two years to place this note into circulation is not known, but it may help account for the $10 of 1929 being so common.
(Pick 55pm), the obverse graded PMG 62 and the reverse PMG 64. A unique pair and important as these are the final designs for this famous and popular series. The prospective buyer should note the fine details painted in fresh colours. An impressive work of art and the second of our magnificent run of printer's models (1 pair)

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