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The Wilhelm Hüffer (1821-1895) Collection | NGC UNC | German States, Münster, Peace of Westphalia, Gold Medal, 1648, by Sebastian Dadler and Engelbert Ketteler, IN DER HONE EHR SEI GOTT, Fame holds laurel branch, flying over city, clouds and Jehovah above, rev. UND DEN MENSCHEN FRIEDT AUFF ERDEN, Pax standing facing left, holds olive branch, wheat and grapes, 34mm, 10.43g, 12h (Forrer III, 143; Pax in Nummis 920; van Loon II, p. 31,1), slightly creased, otherwise residually lustrous, a really pleasingly bold very fine, very rare, in NGC holder, harshly graded UNC Details ~ Bent (Cert. #6767910-008)


The Wilhelm Hüffer (1821-1895) Collection of European Coins and Medals

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The Peace of Westphalia, given its name by the north-western region of Germany in which the peace treaties of Münster and Osnabruck were completed in 1648, concluded the bitter and destructive Thirty Years War fought between the main central European powers and which centred around the Holy Roman Empire's attempt to impose Catholic rule. As well as disputes over dynastic, territorial and commercial factors.

The negotiation process was complex. Talks began years prior to completion and took place in the cities of Münster and Osnabruck, due to both sides requesting to meet on territory under its own control. After multiple meetings attended by numerous and changing delegations the treaties were signed in October 1648. Upon the declaration of peace multiple commemorative medals were struck to mark the end of this tumultuous thirty-year period.

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