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Auction: 23006 - The Official COINEX Auction at Spink
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Denmark, Christian IV (1588-1648), Gold "Hebræertype" Ducat, 1644, Copenhagen, by Hans Zum Busch for Heinrich Koehler [Mintmaster], CHRISTIANUS : IIII . D : G . DAN . R ., crowned full-length King right, holding orb and sceptre, flower at feet, rev. IUSTUS IUDEX and Hebrew tetragrammaton legend, 3.45g, 7h (Zinck VIII, 53 this coin; Hede 33; Schou 152/2; Sieg 128.1; Fb. 39), flashed and crimped, suggestive of past-mounting, hence bright yet on a full flan, struck details a bolder very fine, rare


The Dr Frank Becker Collection of World Coins

The Zinck Collection of Highly Important Danish and Norwegian Coins, Part VIII, Thomas Høiland Coin Auction 30, 11 November 2004, lot 53 - 'nydeligt eksemplaraf den ualmindelige hebraeertype' - [with his ticket]

Sally, by private treaty, Copenhagen, May 1929

Hans Henrik Schou, Holger Hede Auction, 9-11 June 1927, lot 353* - 55Kr
In 1643 Denmark was once again at war with the Kingdom of Sweden, which was to result in heavy losses for the country. After the Swedes declared war, their general Lennart Torstensson first invaded Holstein and conquered it with the exception of the fortresses of Rendsburg and Glückstadt. He later advanced to Jutland with further success. In addition, the Danish fleet was hard pressed by Swedish and Dutch ships. In the Peace of Brömsebro (today part of Karlskrona) concluded in 1645, Denmark had to cede the provinces of Jämtland and Härjedalen as well as the islands of Gotland and Ösel to Sweden.

From 1644, under the supervision of the Imperial Court Master Corfitz Ulfeldt, gold coins of 2, 1 and ½ Ducats and silver coins of 2 and 1 marks were minted in the Copenhagen mint on behalf of King Christian IV. These coins are traditionally referred to as "Hebrews". The popular name of these coins is based on the fact that the reverse side bears the inscription JUSTUS / Jehovah / JUDEX ("the Lord is a just judge"), some in Hebrew letters, with which the Danish king protested against the breach of peace and the invasion of Sweden at the wanted to express. Corresponding silver coins were minted between 1644 and 1646, and the golden Hebrews continued to be issued until 1648.

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