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Auction: 23006 - The Official COINEX Auction at Spink
Lot: 379

Denmark, Svend Estridsen (Sweyn II Estridsson Ulfsson) (1047-1075), AR Penning, Lund, SVEI N R, Archangel Michael and King standing with labarum between, rev. + P:VL:FET:OIN, voided long cross, small rosette of crescents in the centre, large crescent in each angle, 0.96g [14.82grns], 12h (Bruun 1668; Thomsen 10087 = Till Pl. IV, 6; Hauberg VIII, 8 var.; Ernst II, 140 this coin), double struck with peckmarks, otherwise richly toned, struck details nearing very fine for issue


From the John Chatwin Collection of English Hammered Coins

SNC, July 2001, EM0046 - £250 [with this ticket]
'The Viking Collection', Spink 150, 14 March 2001, lot 1283 - "obverse double struck amd trace crack down labarum, reverse very fine (peckmarked)" [with this collector's ticket, numbered 26]

Glendining, 14 March 1973, lot 170 - fine, obverse double-struck, rare

Axel Ernst, Part II, Bruun Rasmussen Auction, 18-21 April 1966, lot 140

Sweyn was born in England, as the son of Ulf Thorgilsson and Estrid Svendsdatter, the latter of whom was the daughter of King Sweyn I Forkbeard and sister of Kings Harald II and Canute the Great. Sweyn grew up a military leader, and served under king Anund Jacob of Sweden for a time. He pillaged the Elbe-Weser area in 1040, but was caught by the Archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen, who released him shortly thereafter. Svend was made a jarl under Danish king Harthacnut (the two were first cousins), and led a campaign for him against Norway, but was beaten by Magnus I of Norway. When Harthacnut died in 1042, Magnus claimed the Danish throne and made Svend the jarl of Jutland. He was married three times, and fathered no fewer than 20 children or more out of wedlock, including five future kings Harald Hen, Canute the Saint, Oluf Hunger, Eric Evergood, and Niels. He was courageous in battle, but did not have much success as a military commander. His skeleton reveals that he was a tall, powerfully built man who walked with a limp.

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