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Auction: 23006 - The Official COINEX Auction at Spink
Lot: 96

Henry I 'Beauclerc' (1100-1135), 'Pellets in Quatrefoil' Type, Penny, Winchester, Engelram, + hENR[IC]VS R :, crowned bust C facing, holding sceptre, star in right field, rev. + hENGELRA[M O]N PI[NCE], pellets in quatrefoil with star in centre and pellets on limbs, four lis around, 1.40g [21.61grns], 4h (Carlyon-Britton, 'Some Coins of Henry I" [BNJ, 1927/28], p. 105 - this coin mentioned; I Stewart, "The Bournemouth Find (c. 1901) of Coins of Henry I", [NumChron, 1977], pp. 180-183; Allen [BNJ, 2009], dies Dd, no. 885 this coin; 'The Winchester Mint', Yvonne Harvey 2236a this coin; North 870; BMC XIV [Coll. no. 189]; Spink 1275), struck on a typically square cut and irregular flan, otherwise with a dark uniform tone, very fine for issue, an extremely rare type for this moneyer, one of only seven known to Allen, this the only known example from this die combination and believed to be from the important "Bournemouth" hoard c. 1901


Bonhams (Auction 24192), 22 November 2017, lot 299

Lord Stewartby, Part I, Spink 234, 22 March 2016, lot 353 [with his envelope, stating:]

N J Ebsworth, collection, and evidently disposed by him as not an issue of Warwick [acquired 11 November 1964]

H G C Day collection, by private treaty, 1962

Almost certainly:

G Drabble, Part I, Glendining, 4-6 July 1939, lot 673 - ..."Type XIV, Winchester, hENGELRA[M: ON:] PIN, very fine... - £1.18.0 [part]

Major P W P Carlyon-Britton, 'Some Coins of Henry I", p. 105 - "Y - hENRICVS R: /// +hENGELRA[M : ON : PIN]

When Parcel Z emerged at Baldwin in December 1902, a new find location of Canterbury was recorded and offered too for the previous portion, and would be noted as such in the BMC (1916) and all subsequent journals until 1928

A H Baldwin, by private treaty 'Parcel Y' of 215 coins en bloc with Carlyon-Britton, April 1902

"Bournemouth" Hoard, recovered in three parcels, dubbed 'X, Y and Z', recovered by October 1901

When Brooke published the 1916 treatise on the British Museum collection, it followed the then widely held belief that the coins had originated from Canterbury and not Bournemouth prior to their accession into Carlyon-Britton's collection. This mistaken evidence had come from Messrs A H Baldwin who handled the second and third parcels (Y and Z) of the trove, after Whelan, an agent for Rollin and Feuardent had purloined the first (X). Baldwin stated to Carlyon-Britton, that "they were reasonably sure that they had been found at Canterbury in 1901 during some work done at or near the Palace of the Archbishop." It was only when H W Taffs presented twelve examples of the Type XIV coinage at a 1951 BNJ Meeting, that had virtually all been acquired by him in Bournemouth that the originally reported find location was restored.

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