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Auction: 23006 - The Official COINEX Auction at Spink
Lot: 90

An Academic Collection of 1970s Ashmore Copies from the John Chatwin Cabinet (18), including: 'Londiniu' Type, Thrymsa or Shilling, after the Crondall Hoard, 1.36g, 11h (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 757-010/030; Finn 6), plated and evidently spurious; and, 'Wodan' Head, Sceat, 1.19g, 12h (cf. Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 797; cf. Spink 797 [for original]), an obvious concoction; another, Secondary Series (710-760), Series K/N, AR Sceat, Type 15 (17)/41 Mule, [Spink XRF: 67.24% Pb; 31.90% Sn; 0.86% Cu], 0.98g, 8h (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 803X-040/050; cf. Spink 828 [for original]), condemned by spectrographic analysis; additionally, Northumbria (2), imitations including: Aldfrith, 1.31g, 6h (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 846), of naive style and poor striking technique; another, Alchred, 1.43g, 5h (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 853-010), from obviously false dies; additionally, Middle-Saxon Pennies (13), including: Kent, Eadberht Praen, Penny, Æthelmod, EAD | BEARHT | REX in three lines, rev. [+} | EÐEL | MOD in three lines, 1.16g, 6h (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 875-010/030; Finn 12), double struck and toned, but evidently from false dies; and, Mercia, Ceolwulf II, Ceolwulf II (874-879), Penny, 'Portrait' Type, Leofweald, CIOLVVLF REX, diademed and draped bust right, crescent headdress, rev. LI-AF-VA-LD in angles of cross, 1.23g, 12h (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 944; Finn 24; cf. Spink 944 [for original]); and, East Anglia, Eadwald, Penny, Lul(la), + EADVA-LD REX in three lines, rev. + LVL in angles on voided quadrilobe, 1.39g, 12h (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 947-100/120; Finn 25), the reverse off-struck and doubled, and evidently fabricated; another, East Anglia, Æthelweard, Penny, Æthelhelm, EÐELPARD REX, short cross, outward crescents in angles, rev. AEÐELHELH, short cross, wedges in angles, 2.03g, 6h (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 953-010; Finn 27), of base and improper fabric, and immensely crude; also, Hiberno-Norse, Anlaf Guthfrithsson, Triquetra Type, Penny, Farman, + ANLAF CVNVNC, triquetra in the centre, rev. + FARMAN MONETA, banner, 1.04g, 10h (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 1020-020; Finn 35), naive and crude in execution; and, Wessex, Beorhtric, Penny, Ecgheard, + BEORHTRIC REX, alpha at centre, rev. + ELGHARD, short cross and pellets, 1.40g, 11h (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 1031; Finn 37; SCBI 67, 974 = cf. Spink 1031 [for original], immensely crude and unconvincing, even for the unobtainable original; and, Wessex, Ecgberht, as King of the Mercians (802-839), Penny, "c. 829", London, + ECGBERHT REX M, short cross potent, rev. + LVN | DONIA | CIVIT in three beaded lines, 1.08g, 12h (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 1036-010/020; Finn 38; cf. Spink 1036 [for original]), too sophisticated in rendering for the original and on an evidently incorrect planchet; also, Alfred the Great (4), Penny, Gloucester, ÆLFRL.ED X diademed and draped bust right, rev. ÆT GLEAPA, tau connected at its extremities by beaded lines, 1.57g, 4h (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 1064-010/020; Finn 42; cf. BM 1838.0710.28 = [Cuerdale Hoard~ BM XX ~ cf. Spink 1064 for original]), the unique original coin the only known evidence of a Mint at Gloucester prior to the reign of Aethelstan, this evidently spurious; others, in the style of the London Monogram, by Tilewine (2), AELFRX-ED REX, diademed and draped bust right, rev. LONDONIA monogram, trefoil to left, small cross to right, dividing TILEVINE | MONETA, 1.41g, 5h; another, 1.33g, 5h; (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 1062-080/100; Finn 41; cf. Spink 1062 [for original]), struck on unconvincing wafer thin planchets from false dies with much abnormal die clashing; also, a copy of the Offering Piece, 'Eli', + AEL | FRED RE | X SAXO | NVM, rev. ELI MOT in two lines, 12.15g, 12h, (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 1072-040; Finn 45), a novelty, but an unconvincing one; also, Edward the Elder, 'Exceptional Issues' ~ Tower Type, Penny, Chester, Wulfgar, EADVVEARD REX, small cross pattée, rev. camp gate, VVLFGAR in exergue, 1.86g, 3h (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 1075-010/030; Finn 46; cf. Spink 1075 [for original]), from obviously false dies; and, Æthelstan (924-939), 'Circumscription Cross' Type, North Eastern Issues, Penny, Chester, Abba, + ÆÐELSTAN REX, small cross pattée, rev. ABBA | + + + | MON, in two lines with three cross pattées in between, trefoils above and below, [Spink XRF: 88.01% Ag; 10.05% Cu; 1.34% Ni; 0.30% Zn; 0.30% Fe], 1.45g, 2h (DNW, 8 September 1999, lot 200 same dies; Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 1089-020/030; Finn 57; cf. Spink 1089 [for original]), an unconvincing modern concoction made round and condemned in 1982; lastly, Dyfed, Howel Dda ap Cadell AKA Howell 'the Good' († 949/950), 'Two Line' Type, Penny, Gillaisu, + HOPLEL REX•: small cross pattée, rev. GIL+ | +++ | LYZ [retrograde] (6IL8ZYL), rosette above and below, 1.43g, 3h (Anglo-Saxon Counterfeits 1121-010/020; Finn 62; cf. SCBI 34 [BM], 719 = cf. Spink 1121 [for unique original]), toned but misstruck with false dies; the group sold purely for academic purposes and all STRICTLY CONDEMNED AS KNOWN FORGERIES; also a Henry III, Penny, of Hereford, in appalling condition (19)


From the John Chatwin Collection of English Hammered Coins

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