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Auction: 23006 - The Official COINEX Auction at Spink
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The Ashley Green (Bucks) Hoard | Iron Age Britain, Gallo-Belgic Imports, Bellovaci (c. 150-75 BC), Series B, 'Broad Flan' AV Stater, devolved 'androgynous' laureate head left, rev. disjointed horse prancing left, winged victory as charioteer flying above, flower below, [Spink XRF: 72.46% Au; 23.60% Ag; 3.94% Cu], 7.31g [112.81grns], 10h (CCI 23.0484 = BM 2020 T27 = PAS BH-330EE4, no. 8 this coin; Sills 294-297 [Series Ab1, Class 5], dies 37/44 [47 Known]; Scheers, Class VIIIb; Ruding, Pl. 1, nos. 17-19; ABC 4; Spink 2), waterworn and superficially scuffed, otherwise residually lustrous, a bolder fine / fair for issue, rare


From the Ashley Green (Bucks) Hoard, deposited by 75 BC

~ Recovered by Mr Stephen Eldridge between 6 November 2019 and 11 January 2020, the coins were reported to the British Museum (BM 2020 T27 = PAS BH-330EE4) and subsequently disclaimed. ~

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