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Auction: 19034 - The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part II
Lot: 2019

Shanghai Agency
Through Foreign Post Offices

1893 (9 Feb.) envelope to Germany "By first Mail" bearing a fine strike of the double-circle "local post agency/foochow" struck in greenish blue with Hong Kong 10c. purple on red cancelled by British Post Office Foochow code "A" c.d.s. type B and, on the reverse, Hong Kong c.d.s. (13.2) and Detmold arrival (20.3). A delightful and highly important cover.

This is the only recorded cover sent through the Shanghai Agency and the British Post Office in Foochow. Photo

1893年2月9日福州寄德國封, 銷綠藍色上海工部信館福州代辦所福州雙語戳, 交付英國領事郵政貼香港10仙票, 銷福州府B型"A"字日戳, 封背蓋3月20日香港中轉戳, 及3月20日德國Detmold到達戳. 本件為唯一僅見由福州書信館代辦所, 及福州英國客郵收件, 而未經上海書信館系統寄往國外之郵封. 為研究福州商埠郵史重要素材.

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