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Auction: 19034 - The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part II
Lot: 2018

Shanghai Agency
Postal Stationery
1894 (5 June) Shanghai 1c. stationery envelope to Hall & Holtz cancelled by a good strike of the Agency Foochow code "E" c.d.s. in blue and, on the reverse, Shanghai Local Post c.d.s. (8.6) in blue and postman‘s delivery characters in pencil. There is a slight offset of the ”postage 1 cent” on the reverse. Fine. Photo

1894年6月5日福州寄上海一仙郵資封, 銷藍色帶"E"字福州代辦所日戳, 封背蓋6月8日尉藍色上海工部到達日戳, 另有郵務員鉛筆手寫記錄, 同時亦顯示"POSTAGE 1 CENT"粘印於封背, 品相中上.

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