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Auction: 19034 - The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part II
Lot: 2002

British Consular Post
1863 (23 July) stampless entire to Tasmania "pr mail" rated "1/2" in red crayon with a good strike of Hong Kong Paid c.d.s. (28.7) and, on the flap (which opens well for display), Hong Kong type 13 c.d.s. and the diamond "ship-letter inwards free" in red (12.9). Fresh and fine, the contents give details of deliveries of tea. Photo

1863年7月23日福州寄塔斯曼尼亞無郵票封, 封上以紅蠟筆手寫先令郵資, 經番香港時蓋紅色郵資已付小圓日戳, 及7月28日第十三型中轉日戳, 並有9月12日紅色菱形的船上郵件免費運送島内戳, 信中内容乃談及茶葉貿易問題. 信封狀態保存良好.

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