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Auction: 19034 - The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part II
Lot: 2001

British Consular Post
1857 (19 Nov.) entire letter to his brother, Robert in London "viâ Southampton" rated at "1/-" and bearing, on the flap, which opens well for display, Hong Kong type 9 c.d.s. (28.11) partly overstruck by diminutive London arrival (18.1) in red; fine. A good early letter. Photo

James Dick was born in 1823 in Soulis Street, Kilmarnock, and had 4 brothers and sisters. The family was poor, but when James Dick died in 1902 he left an estate of over £1,000,000, an enormous amount of money at the time. From humble beginnings James, and his brother Robert, became businessmen of world-wide importance. Their hugely successful business, R. and J. Dick, revolved around the production of drive-belts for industrial machinery, using the rubber-like substance balata. He travelled the world visiting some of his overseas investments (including gold and silver mines).

1857年11月19日James Dick由福州經南普敦寄倫敦其弟Robert的早期封, 手寫1先令郵資, 於11月28日經香港中轉並蓋第九型中轉日戳, 並於翌年1月18日到達倫敦, 蓋紅色到達戳, 品相良好的福州早期封. James Dick 於1823年出生於英國Kilmarnock的Soulis Street, 有四個兄弟及姊姊, 家中環境較貧窮, 但當於1902年過世後, 他遺下價值一百萬英鎊的房產, 當賻來說是一份極巨大的財富, 因而其後兄弟中的Robert成為世界知名的商人, 所創立的R. and J. Dick 公司, 異常成功, 以生產工業用安全皮帶聞名.

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