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Auction: 19008 - The Lam Man Yin Collection of Small Dragons, Dowagers and 1897 Surcharges
Lot: 640

1894 Dowager Empress
Second Printing (Unsurcharged)
12ca. yellow-orange, large part original gum; with fragment of the right margin. Very fresh and fine. signed J.R.H(ughes). Photo

Dr Warren Atwood, October 1952 and

Dr Robert C.H. Lee, November 1963 (in a block of four)

Korzyn, Robson Lowe auction January 1976

再版壹錢貳分銀(無改值)樣票,黃橙色,保留大部份原膠及部份右邊紙,顏色鮮艷,上品. 有J.R.Hughes的簽名._x000D_ _x000D_ 源流:1952年10月Dr. Warren Atwood; 1963年11月Dr. Robert C.H. Lee及1976年1月Korzyn,Robson Lowe auction.

HK$25,000 to HK$30,000