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Auction: 19008 - The Lam Man Yin Collection of Small Dragons, Dowagers and 1897 Surcharges
Lot: 587

1885-88 Small Dragon Issues
International 9 candareen Rate
1890 (17 Aug.) long, double weight envelope to Scotland bearing, on the reverse, 1ca. green vertical strip of three (middle stamp cliché 8) and 5ca. ochre horizontal strip of three tied by large oval "i.m. customs/taku" dated oval in purple with a further strike alongside, company handstamp of Taku Tug and Lighter Company, Customs Shanghai (20.8) and French packet datestamp (23.8) in red; the address side with pair of France 25c. tied by "shang-hai/chine" c.d.s. One 5ca. with defective corner. A rare and spectacular franking. Photo

Warren Kauder, November 1971

The Revenue Surcharges of China, volume II, 1987 (illustrated page 850)

1890年8月17日大沽寄蘇格蘭雙倍郵資長型封,封背貼壹分票直三連及伍分票橫三連各ー,銷紫色橢圓大沽I.M.海關日戳,旁蓋另一相同的戳,大沽駁船公司戳,8月20日上海海關戳及8月23日紅色法國定期郵輪戳,在信封面貼法國客郵25仙一對,銷上海法國客郵戳; 除小龍伍分票角上有㸃破外,這小龍混貼封的郵資是罕少的._x000D_ _x000D_ 源流:1971年11月Warren kauder; 著作: 1987年" The Revenue Surcharges o China,第二卷850頁圖

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