April Offerings

1840 (13 May) entire to Dublin bearing 1d. GA, worn impression from left of sheet showing inscription “Back be careful not”, tied by red Maltese Cross. Believed to be the earliest known 1d. black with full marginal inscription used on cover. B.P.A. Certificate (2013). Scarce. Price: £25,000

Great Britain 1854-61 Perforated One Penny Red-Brown 1855 Introduction of Die II Imprimaturs Plate 18 in light red-brown on white paper, with corner margins showing the plate number and margin inscription, other margins good to large; manuscript "20" on reverse of margin. Very fine. Price: £5,000

India 1856-64 no watermark, ½a. blue imperforate block of fourty-two (6x7) large part original gum, gum toned as usual, with the first stamp defective. S.G. 37a, £17,850 as twenty-one pairs. Price: £7,500

India, 1882-85 9p. Die Proof in rose on glazed card (61x92mm.) with, on reverse “I hereby certify that this card was printed in my presence and that it is the registration card”. Signed by the Director General of Stores for India, 3rd January, 1882. Price: £2,500

Nepal 1912 issue 1/6r. light blue Waterlow die proof 51x85mm. Fine and rare. Price: £4,200