Property of a Gentleman Collection

A selection of interesting items from an old collection available for immediate private treaty sale.

Please contact Tim Robson on 0207 563 4007 or [email protected].

The prices show are all plus 25% buyer’s premium with VAT on the premium.

1.Superb Reticulated Salmon Etui, with recesses for a snuff spoon, a folding knife and a pair of scissors which are all in situ, English, c. 1750-80.

Price £1,350

2.Lovely Bone Apple Corer, initialled “BP”, dated 1784. Ex; Beverley Battersby Collection

Price £175

3.Extremely Important Two Knife Set, in original metal carrying case, both knives and case profusely decorated with engraved birds and angels, Italian, c. 1480-1500.

Price £4,750

4.Superb Knife and Fork Set, with ivory handles showing biblical scenes of David and Goliath and Joseph the Woodcutter, French, Dieppe, c. 1660-80.

Price £3,000

5.Exceptional Knife and Fork Set, with tortoise shell and silver handles with engraved scenes from paintings, Dutch, c. 1670.

Price £600

6.Superb Knife and Fork Container, in silver, French, Louis XIV, c. 1670/80.

Price £450

7.Highly Important and Extremely Rare Lady’s Manicure Set, in its original “cuir bouille” leather case, containing four implements. The case maker has put his intials “ES” on the outside of the container, German, c. 1460-1480. There is a similar gothic example on display in a cabinet in the Medieval Room in the Victoria and Albert Museum. This rare item was purchased from a castle in Lower Saxony during the 1980s.

Price £13,500

8.Important Hunting Trousse, with knife and fork and steel sharpener which unscrews to reveal a spike. All three horn handles with decorated silver designs. With original leather decorated carrying case, German, c. 1660-1690.

Price £2,650

9.Beautiful Quality Etui, made from mother of pearl and silver gilt, signed “Berry”, French, c. 1740-50

Price £900

10.Rare Lacquer Cased Miniature Do’tchin, with ivory beam and metal weight, period of Emperor Kangxi (1662-1722). Believed to be for weighing opium.

Price £750