On 19th November 2009, Spink had the great privilege of selling the Victoria Cross, and accompanying medals of Flight Lieutenant W. 'Bill' Reid in their Orders, Decorations, Campaign Medals and Militaria Auction. 

The Outstanding Second War Bomber Command Victoria Cross Group of Six to Lancaster Pilot, Flight Lieutenant W. 'Bill' Reid, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, who whilst on a sortie with 61 Squadron to Dusseldorf, 3.11.1943, was 'wounded in two [fighter] attacks, without oxygen, suffering severely from cold, his navigator dead, his wireless operator fatally wounded, his aircraft crippled and defenceless, Flight Lieutenant Reid Showed Superb Courage and Leadership in penetrating a further 200 miles into enemy territory to attack one of the most strongly defended targets in Germany, every additional mile increasing the hazards of the long perilous journey home.' He was later posted to the famous 617 'Dam Busters' Squadron with whom he was 'Bombed-Out' on a 'Tall Boy' sortie over Rilly La Montagne, 31.7.1944, 'just as he emerged, the Lancaster broke in two and Reid tumbled down, accompanied by a hail of metal fragments from his aircraft.' He and his wireless operator survived to be taken prisoner of war, tragically the rest of the crew perished in the crippled plane.

The group of medals realised £348,000.