The Norweb Collection - Tokens of the British Isles 1575-1750.
Part VIII, Middlesex and Uncertain Pieces.

by R.H. Thompson and M.J. Dickinson

This volume, covering the county of Middlesex, is the concluding part of the monumental eight-volume catalogue of The Norweb Collection of 17th Century Tokens of the British Isles. The first volume was published in 1984 and subsequent volumes appeared at intervals of roughly four years. It is the largest private collection that has ever been formed, addressing some 13,000 pieces. The extent and quality of the collection makes it an ideal vehicle for a conspectus of the token coinage of the period and these publications are likely to remain the most comprehensive standard works on the series for the foreseeable future.

Of the 1,617 types in this volume, over 270 are not in Williamson's catalogue. A concordance facilitates reference by Williamson or Dickinson number together with extensive indexes. Every type is illustrated on the 68 plates, also included in this volume are Uncertain Pieces and Forgeries from the collection. Several re-attributions from one county to another are published here for the first time and many readings and duplicate recordings have been corrected.

Many Middlesex token-issuers seem to have serviced the needs of the City and several new trades are noted here for the first time such as Baconman, Cake-house proprietor, Letter receiver, Throwster, Tripeman, Vinegar merchant, Worstedshop and Yarnshop keeper. An essay on Andrew Welch of Shadwell a Draper, Chart-Maker and Token Issuer forms part of the introductory material, providing a fascinating insight into the activities of a tradesman of the time and the significance of signs employed on the tokens.

A comprehensive index volume to the entire series is planned, with classification, concordance, and if possible, chronology.

Crown quarto, pp. cxvi, 442, including 68 plates. Casebound in library buckram, dustwrapper.

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