SPINK LONDON | Spink will be taking collectors around the world this September with its banknote sales. The Medici Collection of Italian Banknotes will offer the Mediterranean retreat we all crave as the nights draw in. It is not often that any collection of this scale comes to the market, especially from an old European country. As the name implies, The Medici Collection comprises the most extensive offering of Italian banknotes we have ever auctioned at Spink. It includes both private banks and state issues from the length and breadth of Italy, and we are sure this variety will prove attractive to collectors and researchers alike. At Spink, we are used to seeing many of these notes, particularly the rare early private banks, as specimens, so it is with particular joy that we were able to handle the issued examples as well. 

As you would expect with a collection so large, it includes some remarkable rarities. A favourite is definitely the exceptional Treasury Biglietti di Stato, 25 lire of 1902, lot 295; an exceptional note appropriately estimated at £2,500-3,000.


Lot 295, estimated £2,500 - 3,000

Another very attractive not is lot 205, a Banco di Napoli, 50 lire of 1 November 1869. This particular piece is excessively rare as an issued note, and in fact is only listed as a specimen in any of the specialist catalogues.


Lot 205 £1,000-1,500 

From the state issues we have lot 337, a lovely example of a Banca d'Italia, 500 lire of 1950 in splendid condition.


Lot 337, estimated: £2,000-3,000 

There is undoubtedly something in this sale for any collector of Italian banknotes, whether they may be just starting out, or have been in the game for many years. The Medici Collection is a unique opportunity to obtain notes from the finest collection of its kind. 

For more Information about the banknote sale, please contact Thomasina Smith:

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