SPINK LONDON | Spink are very excited by the prospect of selling a stunning collection of Persian banknotes: The Shamshir and Lion Collection on the 27th September 2017 in London. The banknotes produced by The Imperial Bank of Persia are among the most handsome issues in the history of world currency. With their striking colours, often in shades of pink and green, the dignified portraits of the Shahs and the fine engraving and calligraphy, these notes showcase the very best of Bradbury Wilkinson and Waterlow & Sons. The series is highly collectable, in part due to the myriad of cities in which the notes were issued, most of which are represented here.

Spink have sold individual examples of these notes over the past few decades but never a collection with the breadth and scale of the 'Shamshir and Lion' collection. The higher denominations, with their impressive size and huge contemporary value, only rarely come up for auction, so we encourage all collectors to make the most of this opportunity. For the serious student of Persian paper money, this is a unique opportunity to delve into the background of the notes and design processes of the era.

One of the most impressive lots of the sale is lot 24, an Imperial Bank of Persia 50 tomans, Teheran, 1 June 1918, serial number H/A 05315, black, pink and green, showing Shah Nasr-ed-Din at right. It is  very fine, an attractive and extremely rare issued high denomination note, only one other auction recorded example found to date, a superb item.


Lot 24, estimated: £10,000-15,000 

The star of the show, however, is lot 26, an Imperial Bank of Persia 100 tomans, Yezd, 18 June 1918, serial number X/A 02549, Shah Nasr-ed-Din at right, very fine and extremely rare as an issued note. It is believed only about 100 examples were unredeemed in the first half of the 20th Century. Of the greatest rarity and an exceptional piece.


Lot 26, estimated: £15,000-20,000 

We are proud to announce that this December we will be offering Persian Coins from the Collection of His Excellency Ambassador Manoutcher Marzban - an exceptional collection containing gold coins and medals from the Safavid period up to the Iranian Revolution of 1979.


Qajar Dynasty, Ahmad Shah(1909-25), gold portrait 10-Toman, Tehran, AH1334

Estimated: £12,000-15,000

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