SPINK LONDON | On the afternoon of the 19th September a very special auction will be taking place at Spink. This will be another instalment of the David Pitts Collection focussing on The Windward Islands, Cayman Islands, Jamaica and the Falkland Islands. David Pitts is a lifelong collector, buying his first stamp at age eight. As he advanced in his professional career he became a serious philatelist, focusing on the British Empire. His interests have always been limited to used stamps and postal history; believing mint stamps, while frequently attractive works of art, are not as interesting as "cancelled" stamps. There are some exceptional covers in this portion which reflect his interest and dedication very well.

Amongst the fine array of covers in this sale can be found a very interesting item that is the only known 19th century incoming cover from the USA to Jamaica from around the time of the civil war. Lot 1031 is an 1868 (10 Nov.) envelope to Jamaica via American packet, redirected to Grand Cayman, bearing U.S. 1861-75 10c. green pair, double the 10c. rate to the West Indies, "8d" in blue crayon probably applied in error as it appears to be defaced. An exceptional usage from the time of the American Civil War, and an important piece of history.


Lot 1031, estimated: £12,000-15,000

There is also lot 1135, a letter written by a soldier from Grenada during the War with France, 1799 (24 May) entire letter being "A Soldier's letter of the 60th. Regt." from Sergeant J. Smith with the 3rd. Battalion, 60th Regiment at Fort George to Scotland. Grenada was ceded to Great Britain from France in 1763. It was held against a 1795 rebellion, fostered by France, with the native rebels finally defeated in June 1796. Sergeant Smith took an active part in the campaign. The letter is marked "P P 1d" and shows on reverse, a superb strike of the "GRENADA/JUN 5.99" two-line d.s. Very rare and the earliest known 1d. soldier's letter from this colony.


Lot 1135, estimated: £3,000-3,500

The item with the highest value in the sale is the front cover lot, 1255. An 1847 (15 Sept.) entire letter from Port of Spain to San Fernando, bearing locally produced (5c.) blue "Lady McLeod" label with large margins nearly all round and neatly cancelled with a pen cross. A fine and most attractive example of this important local rarity. The "Lady McLeod" was a paddle steamer owned by David Bryce. The ship sailed regularly between Port of Spain and San Fernando from 1847 until 1854 and the owner made this local stamp available so that those who wished to send letters were able to prepay the charge for carrying them aboard his ship.


Lot 1255, estimated: £25,000-30,000                                                                                                                                                                                                                 For more information, please contact David Parsons:

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