SPINK USA | June will be a busy month for the Spink office in New York with two philatelic auctions and two numismatic ones too. The Numismatic Collector's Series Sale contains a range of material from around the world and this sale contains many hidden gems. The sale will take place on the 19-20th June 2017.

The star of the show is from Norway and is both rare, and very attractive. Lot 122, a Speciedaler, 1675 PG issued under Christian V (1670 - 1699). It has a pleasing pearly grey tone and we are sure this will set the room excitedly bidding. PCGS Au 53.  


Lot 122, estimated: $16,000 - 18,000

Another stunning items from the coin section is lot 327, an 1800 Wide Date, Low 8 Draped Bust Large Eagle $1. PCGS XF 40. B-10a. R-3. It is sharply detailed, with light-grey devices against slate-grey fields. Some deeper grey toning is present around the edges. A lovely example, worthy of a premium bid.


Lot 327, estimated: $2,000 - 3,000

From the banknotes section is a fantastic item from China, lot 155 is from the Hunan Province. Official Mint Hunan. Hunan Government Bank. 1 Tael. Year 34 (1908). P-S1926.


Lot 155, estimated: $1,500 - 2,000

The catalogue is currently available online.

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