Spink are pleased to announce that the 29th April 2018 will see a very special event, a joint auction of rare and desirable coins held by Spink and Son in partnership with Taisei Coins Corporation.   

This is a very important time for both Spink and Taisei as they are both very proud to be celebrating major milestones: Spink is currently in its 351st year of existence, and Taisei are about to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Spink has enjoyed a long and prosperous history with Taisei and is thrilled to see the "Spink-Taisei" partnership revitalised to serve Japan's local and international clienteles. Spink would also like to take this opportunity to wish Taisei Coins a happy 50th anniversary! 

The auction will take place at the Tokyo International Coin Convention in 2018. Taisei has been running the official auction of the TICC, the largest show in Japan, for many years and we are honoured to be in partnership with them for such a prestigious auction in such a spectacular venue.

There will be a smaller preliminary sale held by both auction houses on 26th November 2017, a taster event to whet collector's appetites. The sales will be conducted in Japanese, English and Chinese as both companies are dedicated to making the auction as enjoyable for clients as possible. 

Mr Oka, of Taisei Coins has commented: 

"It was the first partnership between Spink-Taisei which brought the very first numismatic auction to Japan, since then we have enjoyed thirty years of harmonious relations with Spink to continue to bring the finest coins to the market. Collectors can be reassured that when these two globally reputable companies come together again there will be not only the finest coin auction seen for many years, but the future of coin sales in Japan. Both vendors and buyers will have experienced a streamlined and dynamic means to success."  

Spink are always seeking new ways to bring high-quality material to collectors and are very excited about the prospect of joining forces with Taisei Coins for this venture into the Japanese market. Olivier Stocker, Chairman and CEO at Spink, commented on the venture: 

"We are honoured that Taisei Coins are working with us again in the Japanese market, and I hope that both Spink's and Taisei's commitment to customer service and providing outstanding quality material will pave the way for strong auctions with many happy customers. We feel very strongly that this partnership with Taisei is a natural step forward in global expansion for the company. These two auctions will truly allow us to hit the ground running in the Japanese market."  

Spink are well known across the globe for consistently breaking records in diverse areas of coin collecting. By having a professional presence in five different countries, Spink is in an almost unique position of being able to sell material to the most suitable market, achieving optimal results for our customers and collectors alike.Earlier this year the Spink London auction room saw a 1679 Charles II (1660-85), Five-Guinea piece achieve a record breaking £180,000 against Spink's earlier record from 2015 for a Charles II 1673 Five-Guineas which sold for £162,000. This year Spink has also seen a fantastic price for a territorial California gold $50 from 1852. This stunning coin fetched an astounding $172,600 in New York. This sale also saw a great price for an Italian Joachim Murat (1808-1815) 1810 40 franchi which realised $91,900. The Spink office in Hong Kong also frequently sees great results for coins. Already this year, Spink China had the pleasure of selling a China for Tibet, Anonymous (c. 1902/03), "Lukuan"(Lu Guan) Rupee for HK$432,000 - a wonderful result for a very rare coin.   

As well as these auctions organised by the biggest Japanese dealer, and the longest established UK dealer and auction house in numismatics, there are plans to extend the publishing side of the business jointly to better service our customers.Spink is confident that these auctions will lead to further strengthening the partnership between Spink and Son, and Taisei Coins Corporation.

Spink Taisei 2018

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