SPINK LONDON | The Spink British Banknotes sale on the 3rd May is actually more of an English sale compared to the huge quantity of Scottish notes offered over the last year or so. Hopefully, the Scots can now give their wallets a rest, and the English will have plenty to spend! 

The auction begins with a lovely collection of English Provincial banknotes, a very popular series. The market - and more importantly our client's wallets - has now had time to recover from the magnificent Kirch collection, sold by Spink four years ago. The highlight of this section is a group which Spink specialist, Barnaby Faull, first saw 20 years ago, originally collected by Keith Johnson from Canada. He comments that 'I knew it was good, because I have never forgotten it, although I have to admit I didn't think I would have to wait this long to see it again.' From amongst this section are some fantastic East Anglian provincial banknotes. Lot 3221, a Bury and Suffolk Bank, Oakes, Bevan & Co., unissued £5,in good extremely fine and rare condition will certainly set the room furiously bidding. 


Lot 3221, estimated: £550-750 

As will lot 3230, a Colchester Bank, (Gurneys, Round, Green, Hoare and Co.), £5, 27 December 1894, serial number 11566, with pink manuscript ' Cancelled 25 Novr.1896' twice across face of the note. It is solid, original and fresh extremely fine and very rare. 


Lot 3230, estimated: £700-900

The sale will then move on to a very large Treasury section. Again, Barnaby comments: 'It wasn't until a fellow dealer was looking through it and remarked 'you do have a lot of Bradbury notes here' that I appreciated that we do indeed have some superb items.' The sale abounds in very early examples which have always been popular and are becoming increasingly difficult to source in high grade. A fantastic example would be lot 3346, from the John Bradbury Treasury Series, a consecutive pair £1, ND (1914), serial number E/26 003451/003452. Completely original, light handling thus about uncirculated, very rare in this grade and most unusual as a consecutive pair. 


Lot 3346, estimated: £1,200-1,800 

However, if proofs are your passion, then lot 3411 will offer a very exciting opportunity. It's a proof on thick paper for £1, ND (c1915), also from the John Bradbury Treasury series. It is almost uncirculated and a striking essay in superb condition, a very rare showpiece worthy of any collection.


Lot 3411, estimated: £3,000 - 4,000 

Our sizable Bank of England section features an attractive selection of 'black and whites' and many more modern issues, with some lovely replacements, firsts and lasts. The highlight is lot 3682, a J. B. Page £5, serial number 000004, very likely the lowest number of any Bank of England notes perhaps ever to be publically available. This note was originally presented to Anthony Barber in his position as Chancellor of the Exchequer. It is exceptional. 


Lot 3682, estimated: £6,000-8,000 

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