SPINK LONDON | The 25th April will see a momentous occasion at Spink, the sale of Banknote Treasures from the Arabian Gulf. Very occasionally, something comes in the door of our office here in London that is so amazing, you can scarcely believe your eyes. This collection of Banknotes certainly falls into that category. It was housed in just a few albums, and, as we looked through them, every turn of the page produced yet more, very pleasant, surprises. 

Spink's reputation for selling excellent notes from the Arabian Gulf is second to none. Since 2012 we have sold the superb collections belonging to George Kanaan and Bruce Smart, along with a great number of other top quality individual items. Banknote Treasures of the Arabian Gulf is a more tightly focussed collection, centred exclusively on the Gulf nations. As a result it is smaller than both of the aforementioned collections, but as you will see, the quality of the rarest items is outstanding. 

To name a few, we have a Saudi Arabian 10 riyals of 1954 in absolutely pristine uncirculated grade - the first in a public auction for decades. This forms lot 68, it is completely fresh and original, nicely embossed serial numbers, in PCGS holder number 66PPQ, gem uncirculated, thus exceptionally rare. Not a single note listed as above about uncirculated on 'Track & Price', and Spink certainly haven't seen one in this grade for at least a decade, exceptional, and certain to be the centrepiece of any collection.


Lot 68, estimated: £10,000-15,000 

In similarly spectacular condition is lot 97, a United Arab Emirates 1000 dirhams of the first issue, ND (1973), serial number 108909, in PCGS holder number 64PPQ, very choice uncirculated. The last time Spink handled this note in uncirculated grade was in 2006, over a decade ago, and it is nothing short of remarkable to find this note in such grade. An almost unbelievable rarity, and a note that should take pride of place in any serious collection.


Lot 97, estimated: £5,000-7,000 

Many collectors have been waiting for this elusive note to appear in top grade for a long time.

Finally, what true collection of Gulf notes would be complete without a set of Qatar & Dubai issues? This collection goes one better, and features a full set of issued notes alongside a full set of specimens. We look forward to seeing you in our London auction rooms on the 25th, happy bidding!

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