SPINK LONDON | As the sun comes out and the weather improves, Spink will be ushering Spring in with a host of coin auctions. London and New York will see several specialised and general coin sales where there will be something for even the most niche collectors. London will be holding a sale of Ancient, British and Foreign Coins and Commemorative Medals on 29th March 2017. This is a very special sale and Spink is confident it will set a successful tone for the rest of the year's coin sales.

The sale contains a vast variety of material from around the world, but its two main showstoppers hail from Britain and Russia. The one with the higher estimate is the British coin: lot 454, a Charles II (1660-85), Five-Guineas from 1679. It is extremely fine and lustrous, an attractive coin and very rare in this condition. Five guinea pieces are not only amongst the largest currency coins but also some of the most popular coins on the market at the moment. Even to the untrained eye, this coin is exceptionally pleasing and fit to adorn even the choicest collections.


Lot 454, estimated: £40,000 - 50,000

As mentioned above, lot 454 is a very large coin, but even bigger is lot 261. However, this item is no coin at all but actually a Russian commemorative medal. This large medal commemorates the marriage of (Nicholas I (1825-55)) Grand Duke Alexander Nikolaevich to Princess Maria Alexandrowna of Hesse-Darmstadt. Not many of these marriage medals can be found in silver let alone gold and in this condition. It is extremely fine with bright lustrous surfaces, and is as such of the highest rarity.

Despite the fact that she suffered from various illnesses and fatigue throughout their marriage, and his various affairs, the commemorative medal is a stunning piece sure to set the room, internet and phones ablaze with bidding.


Lot 261, estimated: £15,000 - 25,000

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