SPINK LONDON | Spink is delighted to announce that it will be seeing spring in with a host of coin auctions in March in London and New York. There will be two auctions in Spink USA and two in Spink London, one of which is the fifth and much awaited part of the Academic Collection of Lord Stewartby. This portion will focus on his assorted Tudor and Stuart coins. There are many superb and intriguing pieces bound to attract furious bidding on the 28th March 2017.

One of these choice pieces is lot 1712, an Edward VI (1547-53), Shilling from 1549 minted in Canterbury. It is from an m.m. G die. Dies m.m. G were prepared for use at York under George Gale, but not used. They are encountered overmarked for use at other mints, in this case Canterbury under William Tyllsworth. For collectors with an interest in mint oddities, this will prove a very popular item for its rarity and attractiveness.


Lot 1712, estimated: £200-250

Another item with an interesting minting quirk is lot 1641, a Henry VIII (1509-47), third coinage, Groat, Tower mint, m.m. lis (over annulet on obverse), HENRIC 8 DI G AGL FRA Z HIB REX, broken saltire stops, crowned facing large bust 2, rev. POSVI DEV ADIVTORE MEV, trefoil stops, long cross over shield, pellet in annulet in forks and very rare with this initial mark.

It is unclear whether the obverse mintmark is over a simple annulet, or a pellet in annulet. Although the latter is seen on Testoons, neither mark is known on the Groats of this period and so may be unintentional.


Lot 1641, estimated: £200-250

Last but not least, mention must be madde of lot 1800, the beautiful Charles I (1625-49) Crown chosen to adorn the front of the catalogue. An exceptionally attractive coin sure to ignite bidding from the room, phones and internet.


Lot 1800, estimated: £2,500-3,000

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