SPINK LONDON | As the winter of our discontent approaches and the weather turns colder, Spink has an auction in store sure to heat things up in the numismatic world. The fourth part of the epic collection of Lord Stewartby will be hitting Spink's auction room on 29th November and will focus on coins from the reigns of Edward III to Richard III. A lot of history will be covered in this auction, particularly for collectors of the rare and the highly interesting from this period, and Lord Stewartby's collection will prove a mine of treasures.

There are some really fascinating pieces in the sale, particularly lot 1220, a Henry IV (1399-1413), Groat. A stand-alone item that is highly pleasing to the eye, it  has been described in our catalogue as nearly very fine, and extremely rare.


Lot 1220, estimated: £3,000-4,000

For collectors of oddities and special mint anomalies, lot 1292 will be an exciting offer to the market. It is a Henry VI (1422-1461) Penny, of the Annulet issue from the London/Calais mule. It is graded fine and extremely rare, possibly even unique. This coin could represent a very interesting interim period between the issues of Henry V and Henry VI. The mint at Calais was authorised under the indenture awarded to Bartholemew Goldbeter on 13 February 1422, six months before the death of Henry V. The early output appears to have been gold, but exactly when the mint started to coin silver is uncertain. This rarity combines the bust and shoulder style of Henry V, type G, with a standard Henry VI initial cross and Calais penny reverse, and as such adds further fuel to the debate on the divide between Henry V & VI and the annulet issues which appear to bridge the succession. This was possibly an unfinished obverse die at the time of the succession, but given the bust punch used, could be earlier.


Lot 1292, estimated £80-100

Part five of the sale of Lord Stewartby's impressive collection will be on the 28th March 2017, and will focus on Tudor, Stuart and Later coins.

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