SPINK CHINA | Just in time for the summer heat wave, Spink is delighted to be holding another two day Numismatic Collector's Series Sale from the 17th - 18th  August in Hong Kong. It is our largest numismatic sale yet and will take place just before the much awaited Inaugural Hong Kong Coin Show. Spink are a key founder and organizer of this event and feel that this sale will be the perfect way to whet collector's appetites before the show!

The sale starts with the 'World' material. There is a very good offering of individual banknotes such as lot 147, a 1922 Indian 100 rupees for circulation in Calcutta, and lot 218 is a Singapore 'Orchid' series $10,000 specimen.

Lot 147, estimated: HK$40,000 - 50,000

Lot 218, estimated: HK$320,000 - 380,000

South and North Vietnam notes consigned by Mr. Yoshikoni Kobayashi of Japan. The notes from both Vietnams are nearly complete, offering a very rare opportunity to collectors: the chance to obtain complete runs and types. South Vietnam is represented by the beautiful and famous 'Old Man' note (which is graded 65EPQ by PMG) and North Vietnam is represented by a large group of 'first series' notes issued between the 1940's and 1950's.

Lot 282, Estimated: HK$120,000 - 150,000

The Hong Kong banknote section is quite large at over 400 lots. Particular gems include lot 681; a high grade 1909 HSBC $5, lot 625; a 1934 Chartered Bank $500, lot 501; a 1935 Mercantile Bank $50.

Lot 681, estimated: HK$120,000 - 150,000

Lot 625, estimated: HK$150,000 - 180,000

Lot 501, estimated: HK$110,000 - 140,000

There is also a fairly large and rarely seen group of error banknotes, the most notable of which is a 1982 Chartered Bank $1000 with a large fish fin.

Lot 642, estimated: HK$40,000 - 60,000

There are also many replacement notes from the mid 1990's and large scattering of 'lucky' solid/low numbers. Both types of notes are very popular with the local collectors.

The second day sees us start with Chinese coins. Highlights include a silver proof Junk dollar and few People's Republic commemorative proof coins.

The Chinese banknote section is vast with nearly 600 lots. Highlights include a fairly good range of provincial banknotes and strong sections in People's Bank of China and Foreign banks. The PRC issues contain rarities such as lot 1713, the 100 yuan 'Junk' graded PMG 65EPQ and lot 1715; a 1000 yuan 'Horses Drinking'. The foreign banks contain many specimens, such as a Banque Belge Pour L' Etranger $50 and an International Banking Corporation $50.

Lot 1713, estimated: HK$150,000 - 200,000

Lot 1715, estimated: HK$40,000 - 50,000

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