SPINK LONDON | Spink are celebrating the summer with a plethora of coin auctions! Sandwiching the second part of Lord Stewartby's sale will be another classic auction of Ancient, British and Foreign Coins and Commemorative Medals on the 27th, and on the 29th Spink are delighted to be selling Peter Woodhead's impressive collection of European coins. 

The 29th June will see the third part of a highly esteemed Polish doctor's collection of Polish coins grace Spink's auction room once more. From among the fine array of Polish coins is one particular star, lot 2226, a 7 Ducat piece produced under Sigismund III Vasa (1587-1632). This is a particularly interesting piece as Spink sold a 5-Ducat piece, also from these dies, at auction on 22-23 March 2016 (lot 956) and while the 5-Ducats and 10-Ducats of this date appear from time to time, the values in-between are extremely rare. You can imagine how excited we are to be selling off such a rare denomination that is also incredibly beautiful with some areas of attractive pink and yellow highlighting on the gold surface. 


2226, estimated: £20,000 - 30,000 

And from the Peter Woodhead collection we have a vast array of coinage produced in medieval Europe, bearing a vast array of heraldry and monarchs, religious symbols and stylised warriors. This is the first of a series of sales which will be dispersed throughout the year. This is a collection formed by not only an extremely knowledgeable collector, but one who also possesses an eye for detail and the most exquisite coins. Of particular note is lot 1928, it's a silver Florin from Italy, specifically Florence (1189-1532). The reverse bears a stunning image of St John the Baptist seated. It is not surprising to St John the Baptist on this coin rather than a specific ruler given the tremendous significance the early medieval Florentines placed on baptism. But the level of detail and preservation however, is surprising. 


Lot 1928, estimated: £600 - 800 

Also among the particularly interesting coins is lot 1962, a Roman Double-Grosso issued under Alexander VI (1492-1503), which shows St Peter receiving the keys to the kingdom of heaven from Christ. The level of detail on this coin is exceptional; you can clearly see the spokes of the key in Christ and Peter's hands indicating that they are mid-exchange. The folds in the clothes are also extremely clear. The level of artistry and skill in the die for this coin comfortably reinforces most expectations of the Renaissance period and its stylised creativity. 


Lot 1962, estimated: £500 - 600 

Lot 1651 is also a memorable coin. It is a, Charles II (1390-1431) of Lorraine, showing a Duke standing holding sword and shield on the obverse. In contrast to the two previous coins, this one most certainly portrays a warrior, from the sharpness of the sword to the minute detail of the spurs on his shoes you can tell he means business. 


Lot 1651, estimated: £150 - 200

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