SPINK USA | This Summer Spink's USA office have three fantastic philatelic sales lined up just in time for the World Stamp show taking place in New York at the end of May. The first of Spink's sales will serve to whet the appetite of the keenest stamp collectors just before the show. Taking place on the 11th - 12th May, The Pre-New York Philatelic Collector's Series sale is crammed full of choice items for the avid enthusiast.

Earlier in the month Spink released a fantastic piece of news for the world of philately; that on 1st April a recovery was made of a long-lost 1918 24c Jenny air mail with center inverted when a prospective consignor, who had inherited the stamp, delivered it to their auction galleries for sale. The stamp will be returned to its rightful owner, but fear not collectors! This sale contains a fantastic mint example of a 2c Pan-American center inverted, an equally remarkable find. There were originally 200 of these inverts that passed through the Post Office, but the number of examples which still survive today has yet to be determined with certainty, however the immense rarity of this popular stamp is unquestioned. An extraordinary opportunity for the serious collector wishing to acquire one of the great rarities of United States philately.


Lot 259, estimated: $55,000

But that's not all this sale has to offer! This auction also contains lot 9; a St. Louis, Mo. 10c black, a particularly lovely example of this Postmaster Provisional rarity. It is tied to an entire folded letter to Messrs. Tyler and Rutherford in Louisville, Kentucky, the letter is datelined "Banking House of W. Nisbet & Co./Saint Louis, Jan'y 26/47".

The correspondence to Tyler and Rutherford of Louisville, Kentucky is one of five major correspondences of St. Louis "Bears." This Louisville correspondence was discovered in a huge find in 1895 by a Janitor burning papers; a later group from this correspondence came to the market in 1902 and was purchased by C. W. Mekeel. Many of the stamps on this correspondence as well as the four other correspondences have been removed from their covers resulting in their scarcity on cover.  


Lot 9, estimated: $14,000

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