SPINK LONDON | Spink are delighted to announce our auction of Orders, Decorations, Campaign Medals and Militaria will be taking place on the 21st April 2016 in London. Our medals auctions take place three times a year and contain some of the finest medals and Militaria on the market, however this auction contains a true rarity; the last ever Gallantry Medal awarded to a member of the Leicestershire Regiment. Spink are honoured to have the opportunity to auction a spectacular piece of military history. 

This exciting item will be auctioned as a part of lot 148, but that is not all this lot has to offer! But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Captain M.J. Peele, of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment was the recipient of the scarce Military Cross for some truly daring and tenacious bravery. 


Captain Michael John Peele, M.C. (1942-1983), was born in Leicester and educated at Wyggeston Grammar School, Leicester and Sandhurst. He was commissioned Second Lieutenant, Royal Leicestershire Regiment, 21.12.1962. Peele served with the 1st Battalion in Hong Kong, and as Patrol Commander in Borneo. Marching with The Tigers gives the following information on the action for which Peele was awarded the MC: 

'On the 23rd January 1964, 2nd Lieutenant Peele was the commander of a patrol of 20 men flown into the jungle, in Sabah, to follow up a suspected band of 80 to 100 armed intruders. Early next morning he found the tracks of a large party and followed them up rigorously, even abandoning packs to enable his men to move faster. After five hours he sighted some terrorists in two shelters which were the beginning of an enemy camp. 

Although he believed himself to be outnumbered he at once planned a surprise attack but one of the enemy stumbled on to his assault group. Realising that surprise was lost, 2nd Lieutenant Peele shot this man and ordered the assault group to charge through the camp firing from the hip. The enemy fled into the jungle leaving behind 6 dead, a quantity of weapons, valuable documents and the majority of their equipment and ammunition. The important success achieved by 2nd Lieutenant Peele and his patrol was largely due to his courageous and aggressive leadership.' 

Lot 148ii

But that's not it! This lot also contains a copy of an issue of The Victor Comic which used Lieutenant Peele's story as the inspiration for the front cover and title: 'A Gamble Against The Odds'. A fantastic lot and an auction not to be missed, see you there! 

Lot 148iii

Lot 148, estimated: £12,000-16,000 

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