SPINK LONDON | It gives Spink great pleasure to announce that one of the finest collections of Middle East and North African Banknotes will be available on the 12th April; the Bruce Smart Collection. Bruce Smart is a well-known face at banknote conventions around the world.  He is extremely knowledgeable and widely liked and respected. Bruce's collection is a testament to his hard work and dedication to finding only the very best of what a country has to offer. Wherever possible Bruce has bought issued notes, and always in original condition.  Some of these are more than 100 years old and rare in any grade, while others are hugely popular modern rarities.  One thing is for sure though; bidders will be clamouring to give them new homes on auction day. 

From what is truly a treasure trove of exquisite rarities, shines lot 12, a National Bank of Egypt, 50 piastres, issued in 1899. This is one of the key notes for the entire Egyptian series.  This type of 50 piastres was the first paper money issued by the British in Egypt. It was printed in several runs, and with two signature varieties. This, the rarer Palmer signature, is one of less than 10 believed to have survived. Bearing a classic design, it shows the Sphinx in the centre with archetypal Egyptian fonts and lettering used for the surrounding text; this is amongst the best we have ever seen at Spink.


Lot 12, estimated: £15,000-£20,000

From amongst the 195 lots, comes lot 85, another exceptional favourite for collectors: a Government of Iraq, 1 dinar, issued in 1931. King Faisal I of Iraq was the first in a line of three monarchs who ruled the country from 1932 until 1958.  Faisal I was only in power for a year before his death and banknotes from this period are extremely scarce.  This 1 dinar is amongst the finest known examples of its kind, and features a very fine engraving of the King on the right.  His successor, King Ghazi, utilised the same design with an updated portrait, as did the first issue of the boy-king Faisal II in 1939. 


Lot 85, estimated: £3,000-4,000.

A modern classic awaits the patient bidder; lot 155, is a Qatar Monetary Agency, 500 riyals, from 1973. Despite its relative modernity, this note is a remarkable survivor.  As the highest denomination and worth a considerable sum, 500 riyal notes were scarce even when they were issued in the early 1970's. Nowadays, they are one of the rarest and most sought after notes amongst collectors of the region.  To find one in such a supreme grade is nothing short of miraculous. 


Lot 155, estimated: £16,000-20,000.

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