SPINK LONDON | This February is going to be a very exciting time for Spink. In the space of two days, Spink will be holding three philatelic auctions in London; a philatelic hat trick. Amongst these three auctions is The "Britannia" Collection of Barbados taking place on the 23rd February 2016. Britannia was the female representation of Britain, used on stamps and other items to honour the country. Barbados, whilst a British colony, used the "Britannia" design on their postage stamps from 1852 until about 1878. This is a beautiful design that no one could get tired of during the auction!

Amidst the fine array of stamps, covers and postal history is one particular lot, which isn't half bad! Lot 534 is an 1854 (11 Aug.) entire letter to Baltimore, rated "1/-" in red, bearing (2d.) greyish slate bisected vertically and tied by light barred numeral "1" and fine Crowned circle "PAID/AT/BARBADOS" in red, showing "new york/ship/7 cts" c.d.s. A fine and most attractive example of a bisect cover. A Bisect is a postage stamp cut in half (usually diagonally), and used to pay half its face value, e.g. half a ten cent stamp to pay five. The practice was permitted only for special situations (e.g. a shortage of stamps). It is quite literally, a bit of a gem this one.


Lot 534, estimated: £4,000 - 5,000

Form half a stamp to three frankings, lot 675 is a most attractive 1876 (31 July) envelope registered to Prince Edward Island, bearing 3d. brown-purple vertical pair with 1875-80 perf 12½ 4d. deep red and perf 14 1d. dull blue, all tied by 'boot-heel' duplex. On the reverse it shows St. Thomas (13.8), Halifax (26.8), Charlotte Town (28.8) and "p.e.i.r.r.c & s/east" (28.8) datestamps. A unique three colour franking.


Lot 675, estimated: £6,000 - 8,000

And now for something completely different. Lot 659 is an 1874 (20 Mar.) complete "The West Indian" newspaper to St. Kitts and forwarded to London, (a small portion of a St. Christopher 1d. appears on the other side) bearing 1d. blue clearly tied by "BARBADOS" double-arc d.s. dated 29 March, fine and most unusual oddity. The contents of this particular newspaper are also very interesting, a sermon delivered by The Lord Bishop of Barbados which had been delivered in St Michael's Cathedral in Bridgetown and submitted for the town paper. It urges generosity amongst the congregation and social responsibility towards the poor in the community, at a time when great social reform regarding improving living conditions of the poor was taking place in England.


Lot 659. Estimated: £600 to £800

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