SPINK USA | Spink is honored to be offering The Charles W. Adams collection, which is comprised of 213 select lots of United States and Canada. It is quite an unusual offering in that Mr. Adams was not at all an album space filler. Instead he collected rarities, pairs, especially imperforates and proofs. The Collection is brimming with choice pieces of the utmost rarity from the U.S. and Canadian Post Office. Spink's New York office will be offering this incredible collection on the 18th November 2015. Amongst this sale, three particular issues stand out.

Amidst the U.S. classic pairs, imperforate pairs from the 1861 issue through the 1895 Bureau issue, and the re-issue mint, is a 3c 1875 re-issue of the 1869 issue (#125, lot 51). Lot 51 has most remarkable grade of XF-Sup 95, the highest grade ever awarded to this stamp. Not only has it been awarded such a high grade, it also has numerous physical characteristics rarely found converging on a single copy, including being precisely centred amid uniformly large margins (uncharacteristic of the 3c re-issue).  Its colour is bright and the impression is razor sharp, while full and even perforations surround the whole. Not only that, even its reverse is impressive as it reveals full clean original gum. Only 1,406 stamps of this kind were sold, many of which were used and lost to philately; 1967 PF and 2015 PSE certificates. An exquisite re-issue for the discerning collector.


Lot 51, estimated: $5,000

Also in the U.S. section is an unused 4c Pan-American with inverted center (lot 110). Lot 110 is a handsome and desirable example of this popular error of which fewer than 100 exist; 1974 PF certificate. This lot is extremely rare as there were only two sheets of 100 each of the Four Cent Pan-American with centres inverted intentionally made for Post Office records. An unknown number of these were overprinted "Specimen" and all others were destroyed. The non-"Specimen" examples were mounted in a Post Office Department book resulting in the vast majority of them having disturbed gum, and a number were also thinned in an effort to remove them from mounting paper. Very few exist today with completely undisturbed original gum or free of faults.


Lot 110, estimated: $85,000

The Canada section includes a fine offering of a number of rarities, but most prominently the 1851 12d, lot 144. The Twelve Pence Black of Canada has an interesting history which accounts for its iconic status. The original die was engraved by Alfred Jones and the stamps were printed by Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Edison - the printers of the 1847 first issues of the United States. A total of 51,000 stamps (255 sheets each of 200 subjects), along with a proof imprint sheet, were shipped to Canadian postal authorities on May 14, 1851. However, the stamp proved to be quite unpopular with the public due to its limited usage for specific postal rates to distant destinations. Hence it saw limited distribution, with shipments being sent to only eighteen Post Offices. Only a mere 1,450 stamps were ever sold in over three and a half years of use. 


Lot 144, estimated: $175,000.00

A collection full of North America's Post Offices most interesting endeavours and a sale not to be missed!


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