SPINK NEW YORK | Spink is pleased to announce the sale of the Bill Snyder Collection of British Error Coins on September 24, 2015 in New York. Ranging from Charles II to Elizabeth II, the collection of over 100 lots features a number of important and dramatic errors, highlighted by a stupendous 1872 Gothic Florin diecap.

With the florin's obverse inset in a raised cap of over 6mm, it presents as a stunning "die-dish" error. Toned a pearly white and uncirculated, the exceedingly rare and possibly unique Gothic diecap (lot 263) is estimated at $9,000 to $12,000.


Other highlights include a lovely James II (1686) Halfcrown struck 20% off center (lot 172) and a George IV 1826 Shilling Obverse Brockage double struck with the second strike 50% off center (lot 245).


Rich in brockages - both obverse and reverse - double strikes and multiple strikes, the collection features errors on Farthing to Crown denominations, Maundy issues, and even an off-metal 1692 Guinea die triple struck on a Halfpenny planchet.

"Generally, the Royal Mint was rather good at catching errors," said Spink USA Senior Numismatist Gregory J. Cole, "thus this collection represents a sizeable offering of solid collector error coins."

The Bill Snyder Collection will be sold as part of Spink's Collector Series auction, September 24-25, 2015, in New York which features World and U.S. coins, paper money, exonumia, autographs, historical documents and stocks and bonds. Included in the Collector's Series' Sale is an important 1876 Mauritius "Life-saving" Medal in Gold for the rescue of the survivors from the ship 'Strathmore' wrecked on the Crozet Islands, a fractional currency presentation book of Spencer M. Clark, a specialized Chinese banknote section, and a fine collection of Palestine and Judaica stocks & bonds.

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